Pressure Washing Pavers


You spent good money to have beautiful pavers installed, whether they are brick, concrete, clay, travertine, marble or other natural stone, you want them to look new for as long as possible. But when they go unprotected, the sun, rain, wind and other elements will start to fade your pavers. Each time you pressure wash pavers without sealer, the water pressure takes off some of the colored aggregate.  In time if not protected, you will see the color wear away and you will be left with colorless paver stones.

Power washing is an important step to the complete restoration of your brick pavers. After the the pavers have been re-leveled and repaired, the next step is to wash away all debris, dirt, stains, efflorescence, weeds, moss etc.

At, we use a commercial grade high pressure power washer that has the power to restore your pavers to a like new appearance. Our standard procedure is to wash pavers thoroughly and applying the jointing sand.
During the cleaning of pavers via pressure washing, fine sand is removed from between the paver joints. This sand is used to stabilize the pavers and to prevent their movement. Resanding is the process of placing new, clean sand back in the joints to replace the displaced sand.     After sand has been applied, we will then apply the concrete paver sealer for the ultimate finish.